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Beijing Ditan Hospital - 2008

The Beijing Ditan Hospital expansion, costing a total investment of Â¥1 billion RMB, covers a construction area of 75,000 m2 and provides 600 beds that can be expanded to 840 if necessary.  With a staff of 1100, the hospital operates 35 clinics and medical departments.  The expansion was a 2008 Beijing Olympic Games supporting project as well as one of the key projects for the capital city's medical system.

CET was awarded the contract for the implementation of an intelligent power management system for the hospital.  The electrical system consisted of 14 high-voltage distribution cabinets, 4 sets of transformers and 42 sets of low-voltage distribution cabinets.  The system's reliability represented a critical prerequisite for the safety of patients and the protection of important medical equipment.  The EnerSys System provided real-time monitoring of all power distribution circuits, including 15 low-voltage incoming circuits and 220 low-voltage outgoing circuits.  The original transformers were installed with 4 sets of temperature controllers.  The DC control panel was equipped with communications capability.  The new backup power generators in the supplementary facilities also came with intelligent monitoring devices.  Finally, the existing power generators were retrofitted on site with new power monitoring devices.  The EnerSys System was able to easily import the information from all these 3rd party equipment and devices.

The EnerSys System automated and centralized the monitoring of distribution circuits of various voltage levels and therefore saved significant labor costs.  In addition, it provided numerous management functions such as energy management, power quality monitoring, operational optimization, resource and maintenance management, fault recording and analysis.  The open design of our EnerSys System not only satisfied the immediate needs of the Beijing Ditan Hospital but also provided an easy upgrade path for future expansion.

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